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Some testimonies to take the flavor of EURAMA

Julius Kuipers

I really liked the S1 programme in France for the relative small size of the group, it creates a lot of interactivity and discussion during the lectures, and for the focus on different livestock sectors compared to Wageningen, like beef production and sheep.

And I liked the life in Toulouse! Beautiful city surrounded by a beautiful landscape. I work in an international feed company. What is remarkable to me is the tight relationship between the EURAMA students (year 1 and 2 are good examples).

With most of them I have got still regular contact, friends for life!

Oriane Guerin

I really liked in S1the Study Tour in Spain and Angers. We also did some nice parties together, which is the best way to understand the habits of the French students!

Toulouse is a nice city with good weather, nice pubs, mountains and sea very close, lots of events and ... nice people.

I work in a consultant company for feed industry in the Netherlands, and finally, I married a Dutch guy!

Marion Dang

I really enjoyed doing EURAMA, mainly thanks to the year I spent in Wageningen, and if I had to do it again I definitely would, as I learnt so many things as well on the professional hand as on the human/cultural hand. I loved being a part of EURAMA and I think we all loved it!!!

After some experiences in the Netherlands and Chile, I work now back in France for an international company which have most of its activities in the USA.

Alessandro Foddai

I'm doing my PhD in epidemiology in Denmark because I liked the international experience of EURAMA, it is possible to know people (students, teachers and professionals) and points of view from different countries. It's good to have lectures from professional experts of different fields: From European commission, Irish farmers association, Copa Cogeca etc.....

So I think it could be nice for students to join the MSc EURAMA as the program is quite close to what happens on the field.

Daniel Warner

I come from a nice and funny mixture of Italians and German-speaking Tyroleans, after having completed a Bachelor of Science in my Italian hometown in Bolzano, I decided to follow the double degree of Animal Nutrition in Wageningen and EURAMA. The MSc EURAMA enabled me to combine research skills given in Wageningen with some exciting courses on animal management and quality products given in EI Purpan. I liked my stay in Wageningen so much that I decided to follow a PhD in cow nutrition.

Rob Wientjes

For Wageningen students, the additional value of the Eurama programme over the other specializations is that students can still do their major specialisation they were planning to do, but instead of doing a minor specialization beside it, with EURAMA they can do another kind of master in which they can combine their skills in animal sciences with management and economics. This may be promoted as the ideal combination for students who feel like going for a job in a commercial company. After having worked in a feed company, I took over the dairy familial farm.

Damien Baumard

When I finished my BSc in Agriculture in France, I found the MSc EURAMA which gave me the chance to get the MSc double degree of animal sciences of Wageningen which is actually the best agricultural University in Europe.

Today, I work as a consultant for a farmer union in France.

This EURAMA program was a great experience because the courses given were an association of science, management, economic and business. On top of that, I met students from all over the world with whom I shared culture, experience and study. For me, this program has been really successful...

Audrey Aussibal

After an engineering degree in food industry I wanted to specialize in animal production and horse industry. AS I think that international dimension is essential, the MSc EURAMA was the perfect solution. After two years of educational experiences around Europe (trip in France, Spain, the Netherland and Czech Republic) I obtained the EURAMA diploma that gave me access to my actual job as Director in the French Equine Cluster. In this formation, I liked the European approach, the possibility to make our own lecture program about what we want to learn but I also discovered my EURAMA family!

Arnaud Buchet

I joined EURAMA to get a real knowledge in European animal production systems. EURAMA allows me to discover agriculture in several European countries with study tours and conferences in the European commission, for instance.

EURAMA gave me different points of view and different teaching methods which are very interesting!

I do my PhD in pig genetic for an important French pig cooperative.

Muriel Doornbosch

I chose EURAMA because I wanted to gain more knowledge about agriculture in European Union and thereby I loved to travel 4 months in South of France. I learned a lot during my time in France about agriculture as about myself. I did my major thesis on bovine tuberculosis in Ireland, the country and the people stole my heart! EURAMA doesn?t only give you insight in agriculture of Europe and the world, but most of all it gives you insight in yourself.

Florent de Saint Victor

After having worked in an organic animal feed company and in a Supermarket in France, I now work as a buyer of the supply chain of a feed company within a multinational food group in Swiss. My very diverse knowledge, from ?field to the table?, got in EI Purpan and during the MSc EURAMA gave me the capacity to adapt to diverse jobs. The MSc EURAMA gave me a nice international open minded spirit and understanding of the global chain.

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